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The wall and ceiling panel can be made out of following material as per customer requirement.

A) 1.6mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12mm thick Gypsum.
B) Stainless steel SS202 or SS304 panels.
C) High-pressure Laminate panels as per EN standard.
D) PUF sandwiched panel.

The room wall will have two independent surfaces with a minimum opening in between. The external walls of the room will be constructed with solid bricks with cement plastering.  The inner surfaces walls will be constructed with 1.60mm thick EGP steel panels backed by 12-mm gypsum board (India gypsum make) these panels will have flame resistance to BS1142 part 3.

The inner surface walls will be fixed to the bricks wall with essential supports. There will be minimum possible cavity/gap in between the solid and steel walls.  The total distance between the inside and outside surfaces of the operating room will be variable to suit the architect’s layout, but will be sufficient for the flush mounting of equipments. The individual wall panels will be spot welded together at equal intervals to render equal support to the panels. Spot welding will be properly grinded to make the surface leveled. All joints will be filled with metal filler and sanded flush on site ready to receive the plastic finish. Wall panel’s joints will be invisible after the final wall coating is applied. The cavity between the inner and outer walls will be left with minimum obstruction for the possible addition of equipment at a later date and to enable services, pipes, conduits etc. to be run within the cavity. All wall mounted equipment will be flush mounted and sealed into theatre.

The wall panels design and construction will allow for the installation and support of all equipment and the provision of opening required for the installation, with out affecting rigidity and strength. Access boxes will be fitted to the rear of all wall mounted equipment to enable maintenance to be carried out from outside the operating room. All the sharp edges and corners will be in radius to avoid bacteria contamination. The internal surfaces of the room walls will be sprayed with water based liquid plastic, wall glaze or equivalent, approved by the architect to a minimum dry film thickness of 300 microns. The plastic coating will overlap the floor covering, ceiling system and doorframes by 25 microns.  The  plastic  coating  will overlap the floor covering ceiling system and doorframes by 25mm to provide a continuous sealed surface. The plastic coating will be non - reflective and the color will be as required.


The ceiling filtration system should be designed to ensure unidirectional distribution of sterile air with differential flow velocities decreasing from center to perimeter of the surgical theatre to ensure the cleanliness of all the area covered by the airflow. The ceiling system should be quipped with HEPA filters with different performances according to their position in the ceiling to achieve different flow velocities. The complete filtration ceiling system should be factory assembled its holding structure, Filter frames and top plenum should be made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Filtration ceiling system should have HEPA filters according to EN 1822.

The filtration ceiling system should have flow equalizer to achieve uniform & constant air distribution over the whole surface it should also have connection for surgical lamp to be fitted in place of any filter. The size of Planair will be 1800mm X 1800mm, 1800mm X 2400mm, 2400mm X 2400mm, 2400mm X 2800mm, 2800mm X 2800mm, as per theatre size.


  • The surgeon control panel shall meet Electrical safety codes for high & low voltage system, wired to the current IEE regulations. The Surgeon’s control panel shall be designed to cope with changing technology & equipment in operating environments. Control Panel is user friendly & ease to operate.
  • The panel is “Membrane” type; configured to incorporate all the services that operation room staff required. The fascia is made of superior quality UV resistance membrane with sterilization feature.
  • The Panel should contain 6 or 9 service tiles as below:

1.  Time Day Clock
2.  Time Elapse Day Clock
3.  General Lighting System
4.  Medical Gas Alarm Panel
5.  Hand Free Telephone set
6.  Music control

  • Time day clock shall be digital type & clocks having high brightness characters for better visibility.
  • Time Elapsed Day Clock shall be digital type & clocks having high brightness characters for better visibility
  • Temperature indicator shall indicate the room temperature which shall be connected to the local pressure switches of Air-Conditioning System. Indicators are digital type & clocks having high brightness characters, not less than 30 mm in height.
  • Central Lighting system incorporate all the necessary controls of the lighting system inside the theatre like OT Lights, Peripheral Lights etc.
  • The medical gas alarm shall indicate High, Normal & Low gas Pressure for each gas service present in the operating system & also have an audible buzzer with mute facility. Pressure sensors are be connected to MGPS for monitoring the pressures.
  • A hand free set Telephone System is incorporated in the panel with memory type card.


The system has electrical safety codes for high & low voltage system. The theatre is to be equipped with a 2 plate X-ray viewing screen. It is designed to provide flicker free luminance for the film viewing purpose. It is installed flushed with theatre wall for hygienic and ease of cleaning purpose. The X-Ray viewing screen is designed for the purpose of front access. It is illuminated by 4 pieces of high frequency fluorescent lamps and the dimming is controlled by the usage of dimming ballast with the PCB that is mounted inside the box. The diffuser enable to diffuse the light evenly and to provides enough luminance for film viewing. It is made of high quality opaque acrylic sheet. The film is holded firmly by using spring – loaded clips for ease of mounting and demounting. The body is built by using electrolyzed steel with powder coating.


To maintain sterility and the correct air pressure in the room, all doors into and out should be of the sliding, hermetically sealing type. The door should meet following specifications:

  • Meets international quality & safety requirements.
  • Doors should be wired to the current IEE regulations & BS7971 standard
  • Motor should be DC 24V 70 W brush less DC Motor
  • Noise level of movement should not be more then 60 decibel.
  • Controller should be microprocessor based and be CE marked.
  • Power efficiency should be .95 (in AC 100V full load).
  • The track should be made up of single piece extruded aluminum.
  • Environment temperature should be -20°C to +55°C.
  • Starting time should be able to regulate from .5 second to 23 second & starting speed should be 600 mm per second.

Design shall meet HTM 2020/2021 standards. The doorframe is made of high quality anodize aluminum and the door panel are made of compact laminate that
It can withstand high abrasion. To ensure efficient sealing of the doors, frames are provided. They will consist of reinforced plasterboard panels faced with the same laminate as of door. The door seals of all four edges in the closed position & shall be surface installed type.

The track of the door is constructed with high quality door lock with aluminum extrusion, fixed firmly to the walls. Nylon runner guides shall be fixed to the door in such a way they do not obstruct trolley movement through the door.

The doorframes shall be edged with an aluminum extrusion & with concealed fixings that are adjustable during installation to ensure a 100% hermetic seal is achieved.
Vision panels, 300mm X 300 mm is provided in the doors.

The door controller shall be sensing overload condition and in overload case the door will automatically stop & reverse the direction of travel.

The controller shall be capable of either being operated by elbow switches/foot switches, radar switch (touch less sensor). All doors will be operated easily manually in the event of failure of the power supply or the automation unit.


Compact surgical scrub sink should be designed for use in OT complex providing Surgeons with a convenient sink for pre – OT scrub up. Each fixture should be fabricated from heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel and should be seamless welded construction, polished to a stain finish. The scrub sink should be provided with a front access panel which should be easily removed for access to the water controlled value, waste connections, stoppers and strainers. Hands free operation should include infra red sensors with built-in range of adjustment. 
Thermostatic mixing, valve control should be located behind the access panel and maintain constant water temperature. User defined setting of 1,3,6 to 10 min are available.

This timing should be adjustable to meet individual application requirements. Provided with infrared sensors, thermostatic control taps with fail safe temperature controls. All units should have reduced anti- splash fronts. Foot operated switch should be there.


The storage unit can be made with 1.50 mm thick EGP Zinc coated steel panels, Stainless Steel panels, High pressure Laminate panels. The storage unit will be divided in 2 equal parts and each part will have individual glass doors with high quality locking system. Each part will be provided with glass racks.

The view window of specified size shall be providing consisting of: Double insulated fixed glazing with not less than 5mm thick toughened glass. Window frame shall be powdered coated Aluminum of approved shape flush mounted with wall paneling. Motorized horizontal Venetian Blinds of powder coated Aluminum strips of vista level or equivalent of approved shade including necessary accessories. The motor shall be of reputed brand approved by Engineer – in – charge. The Venetian blinds should be motorized for 90 degree rotational.


A Hatch Box can be provided in each operation theater to remove waste materials from the operation theater to Dirty linen area just adjacent to Operation Theater. Each Hatch is equipped with two doors and the door shall operated electronically. The Hatch is designed in such a way that only one door should be opened at one time. The UV light shall be installed in chamber so that it is kept on while both the doors are closed, this UV light has to be automatically turned off in case of opening of either of the doors. There shall be indicators on both side of the OT so that door open / close status can be monitored from both ends.

Mini Scrub Station ( Elbow Operated)

Creative provides the wide range of scrub stations for Operation theatres, ICU, Wards and Instruments. Despite of Standard surgical scrub sink for surgeons, we are providing mini scrub stations for various use in hospitals, nursing homes, Labs, hotels etc. These scrubs are in stainless steel operated Automatic by sensors, Elbow operated, foot operated for use in ICU/OT complex providing Surgeons with a convenient sink for pre – OT scrubs up. Each fixture is fabricated from heavy gauge type SS304 stainless steel and should be seamless welded construction, polished to a stain finish. All units will have reduced anti- splash fronts. Foot operated switch should be there.

ICU Track & Curtains

Creative brings high quality, robust design aluminium track system for hospitals, clinics, Nursing homes,clean rooms with stainfree curtain systems. It can be operated manually as well as automatic. Tracks are available in straights, Curved and any custom fabrication or special bends to meet your specific requirements.


Pressure relief dampers should be provided in each room to prevent contamination of air from clean and dirty areas. Suitably sized air pressure relief damper should be strategically placed, enabling differential room pressure to be maintained and ensure that when doors are opened between clean and dirty areas. Counter- weight balancing system should be provided in the PRD to maintain positive pressure inside the operation room.

Air pressure stabilizers should have unique capability of controlling differential pressure to close tolerance. The PRD should remain closed at pressure below the set pressure and should open fully at pressure and should open fully at pressure only fractionally above the threshold pressure. The body should be epoxy powder coated as per standard BS colors. First class electrolyzed steel plate should be used for body and with high grade SS304 stainless steel for blades.


A medical gas pipeline system is installed to provide a safe, secure, convenient and cost effective system for the medical gases to clinical and nursing staff at the point of use. It reduces the problems associated with the use of gas Cylinders such as safety, storage and noise etc. creative provides the MGPS sytems as per international standards HTM2022.


We have attained expertise in offering a wide range of Hospital Furniture, which contemporary in design and durable in nature. These are sourced from the trusted vendors, who manufacture using optimum quality raw material in accordance with the set industry norms & standards. Our offered range of Hospital Furniture is widely used in several hospitals, clinics and health centres. These are known for their features like sturdy construction, easy movement and corrosion resistance.

Other Products


Sealed Clean Room Light



Creative engineers & Medical System provides the operating lights to meet customer requirement in various configuration with following specifications:-

  • Single and double dome lighting system

  • Light intensity at colour temperature of 4500K will be upto 250000Lux.

  • Colour Temperature : 4300 – 4500K

  • Multi refelector to provides shadow less light at all levels.

  • The light head is constructed as to provide optimum conditions for Laminar Flow.

  • Light field adjustments by sterilesable handle.